The NPF welcomes funding support for Caregivers and supportive programs across Canada.

In an attempt to boost supports for caregivers, the Ministry of Health said Monday it is investing $75 million more to help both seniors and their loved ones, by expanding respite care and adult day programs.

Roughly one million family-and-friend caregivers in the province help seniors with daily activities, ranging from grocery shopping to assistance with yard work, managing finances, or helping with medical treatments while providing personal care, such as bathing.

These caregivers are often also managing families of their own and working full-time, a government release stated.

“Caregiving without adequate supports can impact the whole family, particularly a person’s ability to live at home, which is what most seniors and their loved ones want,” said Health Minister Adrian Dix. “The August 2017 report from the Office of the Seniors Advocate estimates that 31 per cent of seniors had a primary caregiver in distress.”

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