WHEREAS Measuring poverty is complex because indicators currently used have limitations when related simply to income and market-basket indicators

WHEREAS Nevertheless, poverty among older adults appears to be increasing.

WHEREAS Older adults and their caregivers know better than anyone the challenges faced by older adults who are trying to make ends meet.

WHEREAS Having an official poverty line and robust indicators are essential for poverty-reduction strategies. Without them, it is not possible for a government to set targets, assess the effectiveness of poverty-reduction interventions, and publicly report on the achievement of these targets.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That the NPF support the McMaster initiative and call for the renewal of seniors poverty line indicators based on the level of education, health status, geographic region, clothing, housing, food security and social inclusion provide a portrait of poverty closer to reality.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED The NPF call on and coordinate with older adults and caregivers advocacy organizations to raise this issue at the various levels of government and in poverty studies to develop more relevant, valid and reliable poverty indicators.