Convention: 2017

WHEREAS we, as a society, depend greatly on family members to act as informal caregivers to provide special support care to those who are chronically ill, disabled or dying but wish to remain in their own homes; and

WHEREAS many of these informal caregivers report that their own health has suffered under the stress of providing that care and the financial impact it may have on their own lives; and

WHEREAS various levels of government save money because those who are being cared for do not require the same level of hospital and/or residential care services as a result of the work of the informal caregivers; and

WHEREAS we are aware there is a program under Employment Insurance that provides a limited program providing a benefit to caregivers caring for a family member expected to die within 26 weeks;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Pensioners’ Federation urges the Federal and Provincial Governments to enable a means-tested allowance, whether through an Employment Insurance or other medium, to be paid directly to these informal caregivers to allow them to care for family members without the stress of financial hardship.