WHEREAS caregivers in Canada that save the healthcare system around $30 billion every year but at what cost to caregivers, and

WHEREAS the total disruption caregivers have to live with comprises of the total loss of their private life which has to be given up to provide the proper care to their infirm dependents such as spouses, siblings or parents, and

WHEREAS the problem arises where those caregivers who shoulder the largest burden have had to terminate their jobs to do so and with no job, no income and with no income tax, they can’t even claim from the Canadian Caregiver Credit Benefit, and

WHEREAS this situation that caregivers find themselves in is very unfair and to all these who most need and deserve support from the federal government aren’t getting it, Page | 9

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NPF urge the provincial, territorial, and federal governments to follow the lead of other countries, such as the United Kingdom (U.K.), Australia, and Nordic European countries and pay allowances to those who assume significant caregiving duties. ( eg. U.K. $112 per week, $122 per every two weeks in Australia and $100 per week in Nova Scotia. )

Submitted by Unifor Local 200 Retired Workers Chapter