It was a great honour to be a guest speaker at this year’s convention in Saskatoon, our founding organization’s homestead. The two-day event “The Older I Get…” hosted many great speakers who shed light on current issues related to health and aging. I was able to bring a political message to the group on NPF’s current campaigns and highlight the need for all to get involved. Not only was the SSAI Convention a grand success for the delegates, but for NPF as well, as they have committed to send their full delegation to our September Convention in Regina! Thank you to all!

Guest speakers included: Scott Livingston, CEO, Saskatchewan Health Authority and Dr. Micheal Howard-Tripp, the Deputy Registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Topics of general interest and health were also covered by several local community service providers.

SSAI is represented by seven regional clubs across the province with a membership base of 5,000 strong. Their primary goal is older adult advocacy; ensuring an organized forum is available for all seniors’ voice in matters of pensions, health care, housing, transportation, leadership in programs and representation at all levels of government. Their website is Serving as President is Pat Trask.