WHEREAS It is important that National Pensioners be able to plan and take action on resolutions adopted by Convention, and

WHEREAS Moving to a two-year convention will allow more time and resources to be focused on this follow-up,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That the Constitution be amended in the following sections:

● Section 1. Point 12 to read; “federation meetings” includes a biennial meeting of members or a special meeting of members; Special Federation meeting includes a meeting of any class or classes of members and a special meeting of all members entitled to vote at a biennial meeting of members;

● Section 10 first paragraph to read: “Notice of the time and place of the biennial convention and any other meeting of members shall be given to each member entitled to vote at the meeting by the following means:”

● Section 12 Point 1 to read: “Proposed amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the National Pensioners Federation at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the biennial Convention.”

● Section 16 to read “Proposals Nominating Directors at Biennial Members’ Meetings – The nomination and election of Executive officers shall take place at the biennial convention. Delegates in good standing will elect the Executive offices.” Page | 7

● Section 17 title to read “Cost of Publishing Proposals for Biennial Members’ Meetings.”

● Section 18 Section 4 to read: “The biennial convention shall be held in September or October.”

● Section 18 Section 5 to read: “At least four (4) months’ notice will be given to all affiliates of the date, time and location of the biennial Convention.”

● Sections 18 have its three subsections relabeled as 1, 2 and 3

● Section 21 to read: “The quorum of the Biennial Members Convention shall be one third of registered delegates. “Meetings of the National Pensioners Federation shall be governed by rules of order adopted at the biennial Conventions. Where the National Pensioners Federation rules of order are silent on an issue, Roberts Rules of Order shall prevail.”

● Section 22 Point 2 to read: “Affiliate groups shall be entitled to designate five (5) voting delegates to the biennial convention”

● Sections 22 Point 3 to read: “Individual affiliated clubs in good standing shall be entitled to have two (2) delegates attend the biennial Convention.”

● Section 23 Point 1 to read: “Elections for membership on the National Pensioners Federation Executive shall be conducted at the biennial convention.”

● Section 27 to read: “Term of Office of Directors – The Executive members shall be elected for a two-year term. For those Executive members whose term expires in 2020 shall

have that term extended to the Convention in 2021.”

● Section 33 amend the opening paragraphs to read: “The Executive shall be delegates to the biennial convention by virtue of office. “The Executive shall carry on the business of the organization between biennial conventions”