NPF promotes improvements in the prescribing process for aging Canadians.

National Pensioners Federation is member of the Canadian Deprescribing Network.

Unnecessary hospitalizations result from taking too many medicines. Older women bear the brunt of over-prescription. Long term care facilities can manifest this issue by over prescribing medication to control behaviour.

Among retirement-aged older men and women in Canada:

> 66% take five drugs or more,

> 27% take 10 drugs or more,

> Over age 85, 39% take 10 drugs or more,

> 1-in-4 of these medicines is potentially harmful and unnecessary.

Everyone should agree that this is an important issue which needs to be addressed. We can all make a difference personally and socially by discussing deprescribing and the positive changes with family, friends, care providers, physicians, advocacy groups we belong to and the provincial and federal politicians who represent us.

The goal of the Canadian Deprescribing Network education shared on this site is to help cut out inappropriate prescriptions for seniors by 50 per cent by 2024.