That the NPF policy in respect to integrated care include support for an integrated public system which will deliver a seamless continuum of care for seniors which includes:

(a) The facilitation of policies, procedures, and funding which will allow seniors to age in place.

(b) Provision of a single and highly coordinated administrative structure with integrated information systems consistent throughout the health authorizes.

(c) Provision of an integrated full range of health, community and social services commensurate with the diversity of needs of an older population, including addressing preventive health care needs.

(d) Establishment of a “one stop” programme for seniors and their loved ones when a need arises.

(e) Establishment of a universal system of 7/24 home support based on need and which will empower individuals to live independently in their homes with dignity and for as long as possible.

(f) Provision of care that is more than medical in nature and realizing that there are many other services that are critical to allowing seniors to stay in their own homes and community, including such services as assistance with laundry, transportation, cooking, socializing and home cleaning and maintenance.

(g) That the NPF urge the federal and provincial governments to retain and improve the Medicare system and prevent private clinics from charging user fees.