Convention: 2017

WHEREAS hospital parking fees amount to just another tax on ailing Canadians and many reports have found that many Canadians are missing hospital appointments, are unable or cannot afford to assist or visit their family members in hospital and are stressed due to the high cost of parking at the hospital; and

WHEREAS the CBC News on March 28, 2013 stated that hospital parking rates are just another tax on sick Canadians; and

WHEREAS many communities in Canada have free parking at hospitals such as Campbell River and Delta in British Columbia, also in Nova Scotia just to show it has been done in a number of Canadian communities; and

WHEREAS the Campbell River hospital notes that “Citizens for Quality Health Care North” even questioned the legality of charging for parking citing the Canada Health Act which states that the Act exists to’…..facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers’. The group claimed that parking fees are a financial barrier and therefore violate the Canada Health Act; and

WHEREAS the hospital For Sick Children in Toronto, which raised its parking rates in January 2015 netted five (5) million in parking fees in 2012,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Pensioners Federation call on all levels of Government to stop charging parking fees at Canadian Hospitals and work with other organizations such as senior citizens in each province, the Council of Canadians and others to reach this effort for free parking at hospitals.