WHEREAS seniors are increasingly being supported to age in place and receive health care and other supportive services in their homes, which means that more seniors are living in their homes longer and are in frailer health, and

WHEREAS the purchasing power of public pensions for seniors has not kept up with the cost of living, meaning that seniors’ budgets are further stretched to pay for rent and extended health benefits, and seniors poverty is increasing, and

WHEREAS the amount of social housing stock for seniors has not increased, leading to a very limited supply as the population of seniors increases and that this results in more and more seniors becoming homeless due to a lack of affordable housing, and

WHEREAS there are increasing pressures to house the homeless of all ages, including adults with severe mental illness and drug addictions through policies such as Housing First in BC, and

WHEREAS due in part to the limited supply of social housing, these other adults are also being housed in housing complexes previously reserved primarily for seniors, and seniors live in fear of being harmed by more physically capable adults who may have serious behavioural issues, and

FURTHER WHEREAS this practice is contributing to stress, social isolation and poor health of seniors who have no other options for housing and who fear becoming homeless,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Pensioners Federation urge the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Governments to provide rent-gearedto-income housing dedicated for seniors as part of affordable housing strategies and not allocate suites in the same building for tenants who may have serious behavioural issues.

Submitted by COSCO of B C