WHEREAS During the 2015 election campaign the Liberal Party of Canada made campaign promises to implement a National Pharmacare Plan for all Canadians; and

WHEREAS Contrary to calls from Provincial Premiers, Canadian medical professionals, the Parliamentary Budgetary Office and Canadians from coast to coast and their own policy paper(s), the Liberal Party of Canada has yet to begin implementation of that National Pharmacare Plan;

WHEREAS The Canadian federal government regulates the price of patented drugs in Canada, while the prices of generic drugs are set by the provinces and territories.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That the National Pensioner’s Federation (NPF) strongly urge that the Federal Government implement a National Pharmacare Plan and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the NPF actively encourage its members to identify and vote for those candidates in the 2019 federal election who will commit to implementing a single-payer National Pharmacare Plan.

Submitted by British Columbia Federation of Retired Union Members