Policy number:
WHEREAS published reports (e.g, by the Seniors Advocate for British Columbia) indicate that in many facilities the hours of care provided to residents is less than the recommended standard of 3.36 individual care hours per resident, and

WHEREAS concerns have been expressed from several sources about the dangers of inappropriate prescribing and poly-pharmacy (e.g., the Seniors Advocate for British Columbia reports that over 30% of residents in care are being prescribed anti-psychotic drugs while fewer than 5% have a diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder, and that 51% of residents in care are potentially over medicated (i.e., have received nine or more medications in the past week), and

WHEREAS seniors in residential care facilities have been reported to be receiving lower than optimum levels of physiotherapy and other therapies including occupational, speech language, music, art and recreational, all of which contribute to the health and well-being of residents in care.

That the NPF urge the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to fund residential care homes to a level sufficient to provide recommended standards of individual care hours that will reduce the need for over-medication and that this care be culturally sensitive.