The Liberal Government is still silent on their promise to ensure pensioners have their retirement secured. It’s time for the federal government to take notice of our Coalition partners’ plea for consultations to fix this mess! Join with our partners and email your MP now! This campaign has been developed with coalition partners : Canadian Federation of Pensioners National Pensioners Federation Canadian Labour Congress CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons)

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Email Your MP to Put Pensioners First

Please urge your MP to support new laws that will protect pensioners in the event of bankruptcy. Pensioners’ financial security and livelihoods depend on it. Take Action: Email Your Federal Representatives Simply select the text with your cursor, and copy & paste it in a blank email. There you can make edits like adding your name, and separating the subject line and body copy.

To: Find your MP’s email address by searching on CC: Subject line: I Stand with Canadian Pensioners! Body:

I am a constituent in your riding and I am calling on you to take action to protect pensioners in the event of corporate bankruptcy.

Now is the time to give corporate defined benefit pension plans super-priority status in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency.  And bring pension protections in Canada in line with other jurisdictions, such as the US and the UK.

Without protections, corporate pensioners in Canada can work their whole lives only to face poverty in retirement because our laws don’t protect them. That’s not fair.

The Federal Government has promised movement on pensions, but so far the silence is deafening. It’s time for action. I’m calling on you to stand up for pensioners now.

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