Ever feel like nobody is listening?

Ever feel they don’t care?

We want to hear about your concerns and we care enough to:

• speak up when the government seems hard of hearing
• present solid policy positions and propose alternatives
• promote working, learning and understanding together
• connect you to a growing amount of information and resources about anything you need to know about aging
• provide information about how federal legislation and social policy affect us and where we can find help
• work with all likeminded organizations representing issues of social justice
• poll our supporters, call our supporters
• hold an annual convention in a Canadian city
• work with organizations that provide assistance with research, social policy development and legal assistance

Everyone understands that there is power in numbers. We are currently reaching out to our members and all pensioners and seniors to have more direct communication to raise issues that are important to aging Canadians.
We are also building new relationships with like-minded organizations so that we have a membership that can effect positive change in these troubling times.

We also have benefits that are available to members only. These benefits cover home, automobile and travel insurance. We have just added a new plan of extended coverage for dental, vision, hearing and prescriptions.

We take all of our members seriously; your comments and suggestions are of utmost importance to us.

Everyone will be assessed and we will endeavour to determine what the appropriate action is to address your situation.