Mr. Herb John, President
National Pensioners Federation

October 17, 2016

Dear Herb,

It is my pleasure to update you, as President of National Pensioners Federation, on the progress of the Declaration Concerning a National Health Care Strategy for Seniors. It may be of interest to the National Pensioners Federation that on Thursday, October 6, the Declaration was forwarded, along with a covering letter, to the following: all Members of Parliament across the land, including Prime Minister Trudeau and Health Minister Jane Philpott, to all of Canada’s premiers, and to the health ministers of the provinces and territories. It was sent to BC’s MLAs as well, and plans are in the works for further distribution to the MLAs of other Canadian jurisdictions. We also had the opportunity to place this Declaration in the hands of Minister Jane Philpott immediately after her presentation to the Canada 2020 Summit on the Health Accord in Ottawa on September 28, 2016.

The Declaration’s last page highlights the endorsers of the document. As the endorsement of the National Pensioners Federation is on the list, we thank you most heartily for your support of this important grassroots document.

We are proud of the contents of the Declaration and of the format of the document which was sent. It was most attractive — a glossy, legal-sized page folded, with endorsements on the back — a format that no doubt drew the attention of our elected representatives, especially, of the Canadian health ministers, who will be meeting on October 18 in Toronto to discuss a new health accord.

With gratitude for your endorsement,

Sincerely yours,


JoAnn Lauber, Chair

Vancouver Public Health Care Forum Organizing Committee:
Pat Brady, Jocelan Caldwell, Leslie Gaudette, Kathleen Jamieson, Lorraine Logan, Barb Mikulec, Sheila Pither

BC Retired Teachers’ Association
Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC
Canadian Association of Retired Teachers