December 24, 2015

TORONTO – The recent decision by the new Liberal government to do nothing about making the Canada Pension Plan a more effective and dependable income replacement during retirement is abolutely the wrong message to send to Canadians.

Seniors have been lobbying on this issue for most of the last government’s term.  A majority of Canadians understand and want this change.

Seniors know this is extremely important for future retirees especially in the context of the greedy cries of unbearable legacy costs from corporations that continue to make record profits and the growing inequality of the distribution of wealth in Canada.

The importance of stopping the ongoing attempts to retroactively erode the rights of pension recipients has now been elevated.  CPP was originally created to supplement workplace pensions.  Now we get squeezed from both ends.

Seniors were such an important targe audience during the election, and this was an important issue for seniors.

Wait another year to talk some more? This should have been said during the campaign. We understand fiscal responsibility. Why is there such an absence of discussion about increasing the government’s income to provide Canadians the retirement income they need?

Herb John
President, NPF