WHEREAS Our current voting system only elects one political representative in each riding which means that a representative can be elected with less than half the votes; and,

WHEREAS When more than one person runs in an election in a riding this can leave the other half of the voters unrepresented if their representative is not elected; and,

WHEREAS Our current system, “first-past-the-post” divides the country into non-overlapping areas known as ridings, constituencies, or electoral districts and each place is located within a riding where approximately the same number of people reside. T

HEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That the NPF calls upon all levels of government and the Prime Minister to conduct a multi-partisan process involving citizens and experts to determine the best model of proportional representation; and,

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That this model be implemented in time to make every vote count in the 2022 election.

Submitted By: Club #197 – Unifor Area Retired Workers Council, Toronto & USCO