WHEREAS the opioid addiction has resulted in many drug overdoses, and

WHEREAS the benefits of medicinal cannabis are increasing and are being proven to be extremely effective and wide ranging, and

WHEREAS medicinal cannabis is not addictive and a positive replacement to the current pharmaceutical opioids, and

WHEREAS medicinal cannabis should be another option for doctors to prescribe in a restricted system of distribution, and WHEREAS medicinal cannabis can be proven to keep health care costs down and improve quality of life in the long term,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That NPF demand the Canadian government mandate the Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB) of Health Canada to take steps towards clinical review and approval of the use of medicinal cannabis as a positive alternative to current pharmaceutical drugs, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the NPF along with Health Canada recognize and promote the use of medicinal cannabis.

Submitted by Unifor local 1973 Retired Workers Chapter