We invite you to raise the profile of Seniors Vote and its issues together with us as the budget and election draws near. Please consider contacting the federal and fellow provincial and territorial Finance Ministers and Financial Critics regarding Seniors Vote/ LeVoteDesAînés, especially as we lead up to the federal budget. Please feel free to expand/emphasize specific issues that are a priority to your organization in your correspondence.

Also, please feel free to post the letter and attachments to your website, inform your members through newsletters or other communications, and use the hashtag #SeniorsVote #LeVoteDesAînés and #cdnpoli on (facebook, twitter and other domains) when sharing content related to the issues outlined in the Seniors Vote joint letter. We want older Canadians’ concerns to be on the forefront of the minds of politicians but also the wider public and media. Your support and collaboration to outreach will demonstrate the growing support for the initiative.

Hon. Robin Campbell, Minister of Finance – west.yellowhead@assembly.ab.ca

Hon. Mike de Jong, Minister of Finance – FIN.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Hon. Greg Dewar, Minister of Finance – minfin@leg.gov.mb.ca

Hon. Roger Melanson, Minister of Finance – wwwfin@gnb.ca

Hon. Ross Wiseman, Minister of Finance – financeminister@gov.nl.ca

Hon. Diana Whalen, Minister of Finance – financeminister@gov.ns.ca

Hon. Michael J. Miltenberger, Minister of Finance – Michael_miltenberger@gov.nt.ca

Hon. Keith Peterson, Minister of Finance – kpeterson@gov.nu.ca

Hon. Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance – charles.sousa@ontario.ca

Hon. H. Wade MacLauchlan, Minister of Finance and Energy – premier@gov.pe.ca

Hon. Carlos Leitão , Minister of Finance, Ministre des Finances – ministre@finances.gouv.qc.ca

Hon. Ken Krawetz, Minister of Finance – minister@finance.gov.sk.ca

Hon. Darrell Pasloski, Minister of Finance – premier@gov.yk.ca

Hon. Joe Oliver, Minister of Finance – joe.oliver@fin.gc.ca

Nathan Cullen (NDP, Finance Critic) – Nathan.cullen@parl.gc.ca

Scott Brison (Liberal, Finance Critic) – Scott.brison@parl.gc.ca

Louis Plamondon (Bloc Quebecois, Finance Critic) – Louis.plamondon@parl.gc.ca

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