1. Take concrete action to address the growing inequality of the distribution of wealth in Canada;

    1. by changing tax laws that currently allow numerous ways to avoid paying the legislated tax rate on monies earned in Canada. It is estimated that 100-170 billion dollars leaves Canada every year untaxed.
    2. create a National Manufacturing Policy which will process our raw materials with the use of Canadian labour. Both of these efforts will increase revenue and provide economic growth. It is clear that focusing on expenses and reducing services is not working in the interests of the majority of Canadians.
  2. Implement pension changes.

    1. Restore OAS eligibility to age 65.
    2. Increase OAS and GIS
    3. Modify the “cost of living allowance” formula to be dominated by items that are the most common expenses of seniors.
    4. Increase the CPP. The first three recommendations will benefit all current and future retirees. The fourth recommendation will benefit future retirees as they struggle to plan during a time that continues to reduce the availability of defined benefit pension plans.
  3. Implement Health Care reform

    1. renegotiate the Health Accord and reconstitute the Health Council of Canada
    2. implement a National Pharmacare Program
    3. implement a National Home Care Strategy The Canada Health Accord and the Health Council are necessary to ensure that provinces can and do have the ability to provide a high national standard of health care.
  4. Implement a National Housing Strategy Canada is still the only G7 country that does not have a National Housing Strategy. Studies have show for some time that housing is a major predeterminate of health.