WHEREAS The National Pensioners’ Federation has for many years strongly lobbied for prescription drugs to be included in the Medical Services Program;

WHEREAS The Federal Government has had access to many reports on the positive outcome of a National Pharmacare Program, including reports (from both the Canadian Medical Association and the Parliamentary Budget Officer) that state, while there would be some initial costs for the Federal Government, there would eventually be cost savings to both government and individual Canadians;

WHEREAS Many Canadians (seniors included) who cannot afford the medications prescribed for them and who do not have access to private insurance, end up in hospital and cost the health care system more than if they had been provided with reasonably costed medications in the first place;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That the National Pensioners’ Federation strongly urges that the Federal Government ensures that a National Pharmacare Program is in place by the next budget year.

Submitted by: British Columbia Old Age Pensioners’ Organization