Policy number:
WHEREAS the law of “common carriage” has applied to public utility-like services such telecommunications since the telegraph and common carriage means the “carrier” (telco or ISP) must:

  • Serve all customers who want service
  • Charge “just and reasonable” rates, made public
  • Treat/charge all customers equally (no unjust discrimination)
  • Provide service with “due care” (adequate quality); and

WHEREAS the increasing practice of “Zero-rating” infringes on policy of “Net Neutrality” which favours decentralization, individuality, autonomy and free speech, and

WHEREAS the communications industry exerts enormous pressure on governments and regulators

That the leadership of the National Pensioners Federation make representations to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission [CRTC] and lobby government to ensure that the federal government and Members of Parliament are informed about our concerns regarding the importance of regulations supporting net neutrality and support of citizens;