By Herb John

Is this an intentional deception or do some people just not understand?

“Most Canadians like current voting system, Liberals’ electoral reform survey finds” This was the headline in the National Post article and was a common quote from the people that do not see an issue with compromised democracy and a continually growing inequality of the distribution of wealth. As flawed as many proponents of electoral reform found this survey there is still a clear message if you look at the data. That is why this report has not been clearly viewed by even the people that took the time to respond to the questions.

Figure 1:1 shows that 67% of respondents are satisfied with the way democracy works in Canada. This result does not match the rest of the responses.

All of the other results show that the clear majority want to see all parties and MP’s working together with several parties governing, weighing other points of view, building consensus, sharing accountability and credit. Voters should have more choices on the ballot. Regardless of the number of seats won, no one party should be able to make policy decisions; several parties have to agree before a decision is made. 83% of Canadians agree that Members of Parliament should always act in the interests of their constituents, even if it means going against their own party.

90% agree that there should be a limit to the length of federal election campaign periods.

The recent decision of Prime Minister Trudeau to break his commitment on the last election being the last past the post format is not only contrary to his commitment during the election campaign it is clearly contrary to how Canadians want to be governed. The reasons he gave for the decision are completely without merit. His decision will remain a prominent reminder of his inability to maintain trust until the next election. It is not too late to change and get back on the path that was promised.

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