Dear Ms Jamieson,

Thank you for your email to MP Qualtrough, inquiring on the progress of the Government’s intention to increase the OAS and CPP payments to eligible seniors by 10%. When the pension increase proposal was drafted, no one could have predicted an unprecedented global pandemic less than six months later.

I reached out to my colleague at the Ministry for Seniors, MP Schulte’s Ministry, for clarification. The Ministry acknowledges that the legislation for an increase has been deferred until more stable economic times, but provided an explanation that Canadian seniors have received a near equivalent of the average $729 seniors would receive through the OAS increase.

This year the government is investing over twice as much on financial assistance for seniors as was committed to in their platform. ($3.8 billion compared to $1.56 billion.) Since March, the government has provided an average $375 GST top up in April, followed by a $300 OAS payment, and a $200 GIS supplemental payment in July. The GOC has also supported seniors support programs like the United Way, local food banks, and has expanded the New Horizon’s Seniors Program, to increase safe social programs, aiming to reduce social isolation for vulnerable seniors.
My colleague assured me that the increase is not “off the table”, and will be revisited when the economy becomes more robust again. Be assured I will bring your email to Carla’s attention at our correspondence meeting, so that she is aware of the concerns of her constituents as she represents you in Ottawa.

Julie Stevens
Constituency Administrator
Hon. Carla Qualtrough
Member of Parliament for Delta
Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion