1. Form an organizing committee
consisting of members from various seniors’ organizations, unions, Legion branches, etc.

2. Contact city/town hall/legislature building
to obtain permission to do a flag-raising event for International Day of Older Persons event and book the space where the flag pole resides.

If October 1st falls on a weekend municipal buildings and services may not be available. Two options to address this are to have the flag raising at a different location or have the flag raising on the Friday prior to the weekend.

3. Acquire a United Nations “International Day of Older Persons” flag
from Universal Promotions. Flag details and pricing and online ordering information is available at seniorsvoice.org. For manual orders contact harvey@universalpromotions.com

4. Invite politicians
including the mayor, local MPP, and MP to the event and to give a short speech at the event.
Include the joint “Seniors Voice” letter in the invitation
Inform the politicians that they will participate in raising the flag with representatives of other organizations and that media may be present.
Designate someone on your committee as the main contact person for the offices of the politicians and other speakers.

5. Establish an agenda
Determine who will give the opening, which speakers will speak in what order, who will raise the flag, and who will close the event.
Set specific times for each of the speeches (generally no more than 3-5minutes.
Ensure that the contact person for the speakers communicates these details.

6. Invite various organizations and the public
To participate in the event once the details of the event have been confirmed.
Do not limit yourself to only senior/retiree organizations as other unusual voices will only strengthen your cause.
Share the joint “Seniors Voice” letter to encourage others to join in the action to raise aging Canadian’s concerns.
For the actual raising of the flag, request that each organization has one representative to help raise the flag at the event.

7. Invite the media to attend the event.
Send out a news release that includes: event details, names of various organizations gathering, names of politicians who will be joining, and how many other cities across the country are all raising flags together in celebration of International Day of Older Persons.
Attach the joint “Seniors Voice” letter to the news release.
Designate someone on your committee as the main media contact; this person may be the spokesperson for the event.

8. Event day set up
Depending on the space and the number of people you expect, you may want to have a podium and mic set up.
Prepare the flag on the pole so it is ready to be raised
Have copies of the joint “Seniors Voice” letter available for media and attendees.
Depending on how long your event/ceremony will be, you may want chairs for the audience to sit while the speeches to take place.
May want to have refreshments to follow the event.

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