WHEREAS many seniors have been sold television, phone services they do not need or misled about the terms of the service they are receiving and 

WHEREAS some of the employees selling TV, phone, and internet services have admitted to the media that they are signing seniors up for products they do not need, and 

WHEREAS sales people also admit that they sometimes fail to disclose important details, like installation charges, in order make the sale, and 

WHEREAS seniors and low-income persons are taken advantage of through practices which verges on the edge of being fraudulent, and 

WHEREAS many seniors cannot afford the additional costs of these services when rental and medication expenses are a much higher priority, 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That the National Pensioners Federation through PIAC (Public Interest Advocacy Centre), lobby the CRTC to intervene in the overselling pressures by service providers. 

Submitted by Saskatchewan Seniors Association Incorporated