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WHEREAS the NPF is a strong defender of our public health care system – one that provides high-quality care for every Canadian, regardless of where they live or their family income, and

WHEREAS in 2014, the Harper Conservative government allowed the Canadian Health Accord to expire which would have meant over $36 billion in cuts beginning in 2017, and

WHEREAS our members across Canada have confirmed their support for a renewed National Health Accord through resolutions to our annual conferences, participation in various demonstrations and campaigns,

That the NPF Convention 2016 affirms our demands on the Liberal government of Canada to support and renew Canada’s public Medicare system: Pharmacare
– Create a national public drug program to ensure equal access to life-saving medication, and
– Ensure sufficient stable Federal and Provincial funding to provide high- quality acute care, home care, and long-term care services; and
– Develop a Seniors Strategy to increase the care of our aging population; and
– Protect and enforce the Canada Health Act, ensuring health care remains public for the public good; and that the National Pensioners Federation and affiliates continue to advocate and mobilize our members and communities for a renewed Health Accord and to hold federal, provincial, and territorial ministers accountable to their constituencies in the year ahead to renew our public health services.