Member organizations submitting a resolution for the fall NPF convention must send the resolution to the NPF secretary by August 1st . This date is important as there needs to be sufficient time to get all the resolutions organized in their categories and then printed for the delegates.

If a member organization is part of a larger group and wants to submit a resolution to the NPF convention, it does not need to wait until its larger group meets. It can send its resolution in to the NPF secretary directly so as to meet the August 1st deadline. The resolution submitted to the NPF should state what action the NPF is to take, via the federal government or other body.

Resolutions may be submitted at any time during the year. Resolutions received by August 1st will be dealt with at that year’s convention. Resolutions received after August 1st will be considered to be late and will be dealt with by the executive. The executive may decide to A) return the resolution for submission to a subsequent convention or B) place the resolution on the current agenda. Emergency Resolution: an emergency resolution is a resolution concerning seniors on a national level that has not been raised but needs to be addressed.

Resolutions Guidelines