Nobody says it better than Rick Mercer. Check out his rant here:

In a vintage rant Tuesday night, the CBC host ripped into the Conservative government for waiting until Parliament went on holiday to announce that Canada Post will be stopping all home delivery in cities “so nobody could ask the Prime Minister about it.”

He wasn’t impressed that Government Leader Peter Van Loan then used the changes as an opportunity to take a jab at spoiled city folk.

“Is there any issue in this country that our government can’t deal with by pitting Canadians against one another?” Mercer asked.

But Mercer reserved his harshest vitriol for Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra and his assertion that seniors want to walk to neighbourhood mailboxes so they can get more exercise.

“Let’s round up all the seniors every morning, throw ‘em outside, march ‘em to a super mailbox and a kilometre back, see who makes it. Survival of the fittest. There’s an action plan.”