Resolutions sent to the NPF should be national in scope, having an application across the whole country. While regional resolutions – those that are provincial or territorial in nature – are certainly valid, they do not necessarily fit into the scope of the NPF. For example, a resolution on reducing taxes on automobile gas in Ontario is limited to that one province. If it were modified to deal with federal gas taxes across the country then it could be suitable for the national scope of the NPF. Similarly, an appeal for increased housing for seniors in Nova Scotia could be accepted as a NPF resolution if it were expanded to deal with seniors’ housing in all of Canada. A national resolution should not seek action for a regional concern. The national resolution would seek action of a related nature to a local concern but on a national level.

Resolutions that are accepted and passed at a convention of the NPF could be used to support a regional action. A member organization could cite the action of the national body in seeking action at a local or regional level.

Resolutions Guidelines