WHEREAS Many Canadians are feeling helpless, depressed and desperate due to a lack of hope and feel there is not a good future for them and that suicide is a good way out. Our youth are most affected by this; and,

WHEREAS If people were trained to recognize the signs, deaths may be prevented; and, WHEREAS New programs are now available (especially in the U.S.) that can help latent suicides in as little as a couple of days with counseling and sometimes some medication. The counseling need not go on for months or more but can help very quickly.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED The NPF calls upon all levels of government, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour and the Canadian Mental Health Association to advocate for awareness and suicide prevention programs in all educational facilities and workplaces.

Submitted By: Club #197 – Unifor Area Retired Workers Council, Toronto & USCO