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WHEREAS over 30,000 Canadians were infected with HIV and hepatitis C by way of tainted blood in Canada, resulting in the death of thousands of Canadians and harming countless families; and

WHEREAS Canada spent $17 million on a publicly-funded federal inquiry which revealed that the paid donor system was a key factor contributing to Canadians receiving tainted blood; and

WHEREAS billions of dollars in compensation have been given to those who received tainted blood and their families due, in part, to Canada’s former reliance on blood from paid donors; and

WHEREAS the Krever Inquiry recommended an end to a private, for-profit blood donor system in Canada; and

WHEREAS our blood plasma is not meant to be a commodity that is bought and sold, we must protect our voluntary blood donor system in Canada and ensure we have one national operator, the Canadian Blood Services, to oversee blood collection and plasma collection in our country.

That the NPF call upon the Government of Canada to refuse to issue or approve any license to Canadian Plasma Resources or any other private, for-profit, donor-paid blood products company to operate in Canada; and implement legislation which ensures that no for-profit, donor-paid clinics will be allowed to operate in Canada.