WHEREAS Seniors have paid their fair share of taxes over their lifetime of employment and should not be paying tax on tax; and,

WHEREAS Paying a fee on carbon is just another tax and is being taxed again with HST. This applies to fuel for our cars and home heating and probably much more.

WHEREAS $100.00 tax assessed to new vehicles with air conditioning that was put in place in the mid-70s during the gas shortage was only to apply until the shortage was over. However, today almost 50 years later that charge is still there on every new vehicle built with air conditioning. You are then charged HST on that tax at the time of purchase.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED We call on the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Governments to immediately stop taxing tax.


Submitted By: Club #945 – Britt Byng Inlet and Community Senior Citizen Club, Britt & USCO