As Canadians, we value our public health care system, a system in which access to care is based on need and not the ability to pay. But that system is currently under threat from chronic underfunding and privatization by stealth. The NPF and our allies; the Canadian Health Coalition* and the Canadian Medical Association ramped up Federal election campaigns in 2019  calling on everyone to stand up for public health care.

Although our system has its challenges, we shouldn’t be cherry picking services to export to the private sector investors. Instead, we should be looking to improve the public system by funding it fairly and expanding it to include things like Pharmacare and dental care.

Public health care gives us peace of mind. When we get sick, we know we’re covered. Let’s all continue to work together, call on our elected gov’t and local MP’s and collectively fight to protect our public system.

*Read and share the CHC Research paper “We Got This!”

“Some have described it as a perversion of Canadian values that they cannot use their money to purchase faster treatment from a private provider for their loved ones. I believe it is a far greater perversion of Canadian values to accept a system where money, rather than need, determines who gets access to care.”

—Roy Romanow, from the final report of the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care (2002)