8.5.1 THE TRAFFIC IN SENIORS’ CARE: Should Seniors in Residential Care be Traded as Commodities?

WHEREAS the ongoing trend to hand over the care of the most fragile seniors to the free market is the situation confronting seniors, and

WHEREAS governments are replacing publicly owned long- term care residences with single, privately built and operated long-term care residences, and

WHEREAS the cost of providing care for seniors in long term care is covered by the provincial government which pays a fixed amount per resident to the operator, it is a prized source of guaranteed income for investors, and

WHEREAS this situation raises an important question for all seniors: Is the publicly-paid provision of health care for the frailest seniors going to continue to be turned over to private operators that can buy and sell these facilities complete with occupants without accountability to taxpayers?

WHEREAS there is a larger question that needs to be considered: “Is the out-of-hospital, out of home care of fragile seniors in facilities considered a necessary part of a publicly funded, publicly accountable, quality health care system?”

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Pensioners Federation lobby the Governments of Saskatchewan and Canada to stop or at least slow down the privatization of seniors’ care.

Submitted by Saskatchewan Seniors Association Incorporated