The current Liberal government just unveiled its housing strategy and for once, I am in agreement with where Ottawa says its politics lie. Housing is a human right.

I know what my activist friends believe when it comes to distinguishing housing as one of the basic human requirements, although I’m still not sure what the government means by that statement.

“Housing rights are human rights and everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home,” and “one person on the streets in Canada is too many,” Justin Trudeau said on November 22nd.

These are kind words. But suddenly stating that housing has to become a human right in Canada is fanciful, because as of right now, this right is not enshrined in our Charter of Human Rights. So there isn’t a lot of muscle behind the announcement. Just a lot of smiling politicians standing behind our rock-star prime minister.

I’ve been to more housing rallies than I’d like to count, and have seen the timeline for Campaign 2000 come and go. I feel like I’m almost in activist fatigue, so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a bit leery.

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