WHEREAS the federal Liberals during the last election campaign made a commitment to provide all Canadians who have served in uniform with a college or university education, and

WHEREAS The Federal Liberals have fallen far short of that commitment, and Mr. Trudeau who was trying to muster support for his party spelled it out to the veterans that he will also cover the cost of four years of postsecondary education for every veteran who wants one, and

WHEREAS at the same time Mr. Trudeau said he would restore Lifetime Pensions that were scrapped when the new Veterans Chapter came into effect in 2006, and

WHEREAS these promises given during the election campaign have not been fulfilled – the education Bill is not available to all Veterans, only those who left the military after April 2006,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NPF urge the federal government that all the commitments made by Trudeau and the Liberal Party during the last election campaign to the men and women veterans who honoured their commitments to their country be restored.

Submitted by Unifor Local 200 Retired Workers Chapter