Vancouver Quadra’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Volunteer Award presented to Barb Mikulec
For ongoing and outstanding volunteer work for the people and communities of Vancouver Quadra.
It is with great enthusiasm that I congratulate you on being a recipient of Vancouver Quadra’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Volunteer Award.
Thank you for giving generously of your time, talent, and commitment to support others – and benefit the entire Vancouver Quadra community.
Through your outstanding dedication to service, you make the fabric of our society richer and our nation stronger.
Warm regards
Hon. Joyce Murray, PC, MP,
Vancouver Quadra
NOTE: Platinum jubilee marks the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession to the Throne.  She is Canada’s longest reigning Sovereign and the first to celebrate a platinum jubilee.  The pin has seven maple leaves and seven pearls.  It marks seven decades of service to Canada and embodies the idea of celebration.