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National Pensioners Federation

National Pensioners Federation is a national, not for profit, non partisan, non sectarian organization. We are comprised of national & provincial affiliate organizations, senior’s clubs and individual supporters across Canada with a collective reach of nearly 1 million. Our membership advocacy for seniors and retirees is devoted entirely to the welfare and social interests of Older Adults.
Our mission is to stimulate public interest in the welfare of ageing Canadians. Our goal is to advocate for seniors and retirees in securing a life of dignity, independence and financial security. We accomplish this through networking and educating the general public on issues such as: Pensions, Housing, Health Care, Democracy, Social Programs, Elder Abuse, Affordable Access to Technology and Transportation.
As well as presenting independent policy position briefs to Parliamentary Leaders derived from debated resolutions presented to our Biennal National Conventions, we provide Federal lobby support for improvements to all things concerning Ageing Canadians.
National Pensioners Federation

The NPF's Objectives

National Pensioners Federation is an organization devoted entirely to the welfare and social interests of Canada’s Older Adults.
  • 1
    Promote and Support

    To promote and support local Seniors’ Centres (called Clubs or Groups) and Regional and Provincial Seniors’ Organizations throughout Canada.

  • 2

    To provide education and advocacy for persons retired and our future generation of the ageing population.

  • 3

    To advocate for ageing Canadians who are isolated or at risk.

  • 4
    Engage with Organizations

    To engage with organizations that promote healthy active lifestyles for seniors, thus sustaining mental and physical health.

  • 5
    Advocate for Life Long Learning

    To advocate for life long learning and the knowledge that seniors should be encouraged within the promotion of educational experiences.

  • 6

    To engage in the research of the ageing process, and to use the knowledge gained to educate ministers of seniors across the country, NGOs and legislators. 'Not for us without us.'

  • 7
    Provide Opportunities

    To provide opportunities for Older Adults to utilize their volunteer and leadership skills for the benefit of all persons.

  • 8
    Build Relationships

    To consult, network and build relationships with private and public ally organizations to advance seniors' voices and those of the future generation.

  • 9
    Lobby the Federal Government

    To lobby the Canadian federal government to discuss and enact legislation that will provide a safe, economically just lifestyle, which would include adequate housing, health care/pharmacare, transportation and social inclusion.

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