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General Aims and Long-Term Goals

The National Pensioners Federation is an organization devoted entirely to the welfare and best interests of Canada’s elderly and as such supports these general aims and long-term goals.

  • To lobby the Canadian Federal Government to discuss and enact legislation that will provide a safe, economically just lifestyle, which would include provisions for housing, health care, pharmacare, transportation, and social inclusion.

  • To research the aging process and any problems and benefits pertaining to the aged that might be of interest to the federation and to use the knowledge gained from that research to educate seniors and any other parties who are or might become interested in these concerns.

  • To provide education for people in the retired and senior citizens age group and other individuals interested in the aspects of aging and the status and wellbeing of seniors.

  • To assist in developing the knowledge that seniors should have about their aging process by promoting educational experiences.

  • To provide programs which promote healthy, active lifestyles for seniors, thus sustaining their mental and physical health.

  • To consult other private or public organizations which offer similar services in order to gather any educational information that will add to the knowledge base and be of use to seniors and the public.

  • To provide opportunities for seniors to utilize their volunteer and leadership skills for the benefit of all people.

  • To promote, establish, and foster seniors’ centres and regional and provincial seniors’ groups throughout Canada.

  • To reach out to seniors who are lonely or isolated or at risk.

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