NPF continues to work with our members and like minded organizations to promote positive change for aging Canadians. We do this by lobbying the Federal Government, posting information on our website and Facebook page, and publish newsletters during the year. Our executive has monthly conference calls and are joined quarterly be our provincial affiliates. We recognize the importance of communicating with our members and supporters regarding current issues, which affect them. We encourage our members to please register online so that together we can make this an effective organization.

As aging Canadians, we need a clear, unified, national voice to influence government policy and legislation. When we work together, we can accomplish our goals for a better life for all aging Canadians. We have an annual convention to discuss resolutions submitted by our members and provide information through speakers which provide their expertise to issues such as income security, health care, equitable access to information and other topics of concern to aging Canadians.

NPF President Trish McAuliffe