A Prescription for Profit

Its important to get everyone informed about the delay in a National Pharma Care Program. Why is there opposition and by who?

“A Prescription for Profit”, revealing Big Pharma’s misinformation campaign on Pharmacare Plan.

You may have noticed the overwhelmingly negative coverage of Pharmacare in Canadian media over the past couple of years. Look no further than mainstream outlets who have pushed out analyses from seemingly ‘independent’ experts warning that a single-payer universal plan would be bad for Canadians. Now this expose reveals who those experts are and their attack on Pharmacare. Funded by the two industries that oppose it most fiercely: Big Pharma and the insurance industry.

Since March 2022, these purportedly impartial authors have published 49 op-eds attacking Pharmacare, and their talking points have been quoted in an additional 25 articles in Canadian digital and print media.

None of the 74 articles disclose any conflicts of interest on the part of the experts they publish or cite. Yet, all these commentators have deeply compromising ties to Big Pharma and its insurance industry allies. They are part of an army of think tanks and scholars who have been funded by these corporate giants to forestall progress on universal, single-payer Pharmacare.

This documented research offers a sweeping look at this cast of characters and their hidden agendas.

A dive deep dive into their financial and institutional ties to industry, compile all their interventions in the press, and expose the deceptive arguments they use to spread misinformation and manipulate public discourse.


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