Dear MEDOC Customer,

At Johnson Insurance, our core objective is to protect customers from unforeseen events. And today, with a worldwide travel advisory, our customers would never have expected such a challenging time for travel.

During 2020, we have already supported thousands of MEDOC® customers on their journey back to Canada and we continue to provide medical coverage for many Canadians who have been unable to return. The number of travel insurance claims has tripled and our teams are working around the clock to ensure that we serve all members to the standards that they deserve. Here are some important updates:

Existing Claims

The number of claims in 2020 is much higher than previous years and processing claims will take approximately 8-12 weeks. Customers can visit this claims portal to check on their claim but rest assured that all claims will be addressed and customers will be contacted. Thanks for your patience during this challenging time.

New Claims

To make a claim, customers can visit this claims portal operated by our claims partner Global Excel®. Please note that only non-refundable and non-transferrable amounts are covered.

Reissue Update

To ensure we focus our efforts on serving our travel insurance customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have delayed our reissue process and customers will not get a MEDOC reissue email in May. We’ll provide an update in the very near future.

Supplemental Coverage Refunds

Annual travel insurance covers multiple trips and can be paid over 12 months. Partial refunds may be available only for extensions or supplemental coverage purchased if travel was cut short and additional coverage was not required.

MEDOC customers purchase an annual travel insurance policy for a variety of reasons. Some take a long trip in the winter and others travel one or more times throughout the year. For all customers we understand how this pandemic has impacted your plans. Rest assured that your Trip Cancellation coverage continues for trips booked prior to the travel advisory. Travel within Canada is also still covered, and your policy is still in force.

However, we truly understand the concerns of those who are unable to travel and we are reviewing how MEDOC can continue to provide exceptional value to all our customers now and for years to come.

Johnson Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance through Johnson can come with:

  • Exclusive negotiated discount rates, plus,
  • Features designed for your peace of mind:
    • First Accident Forgiveness – Protects your driving record if you have an at-fault accident.
    • Single Deductible – Single deductible for claims involving both home and auto.
    • Roadside Assistance – If your vehicle breaks down, has a flat tire, or if you run out of fuel or lock the keys inside, we’ll send help – anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
    • 24/7 claims – When we handle your claims, we put ourselves in your shoes. We process claims with care and concern, quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day.

You also get:

  • Information and tips to help keep you and your family safe.
  • Coverage for critical illness.
  • 1 AIR MILES®* reward mile for every $20 in premium paid (including taxes).
  • Additional savings if you buy two or more policies.

Like to get an idea of the cost?

We make it as simple and smooth as possible. Let us know a few details, and we’ll do the rest.

Johnson MEDOC Travel Insurance

You’ll be covered for:

  • Up to $5 million CAD for emergency medical issues – No matter your age or health status, more coverage is provided than your Government Health Insurance Plan. Even stable pre-existing conditions can be covered.
  • Interruption and delay – Features you’d usually pay more for, like cancellation insurance and baggage loss/delay, are included.
  • Extra care – Whether it’s care for dependent children, travel for a family member to be with you, or returning a pet or vehicle. It’s all here if you need it.

Additional benefits:

  • Coverage for kids travelling solo – You can purchase travel insurance for your dependent children, so they get the same care as you whether they are travelling with the family or on their own.
  • Seasonal travel coverage – Get the same comprehensive coverage for 6 months as you would for a 2-week vacation. Just add the Supplemental Plan to your policy and you’re covered for a long getaway and any shorter trip you take during the year. Pay one annual fee, or a monthly fee without interest or administration costs.

Worry-free, hassle-free coverage:

  • Simple – It’s simple to apply for, and you can cover all of your trips for a year… all online and instantly. Your policy is automatically re-issued each year so you’re always ready to go*.
  • Comprehensive – We support holiday fun, so you’ll be covered for holiday activities like SCUBA diving (if you’re certified) and skiing.
  • Unbeatable customer service – Wherever, whenever, there’s less waiting and it’s hassle-free to purchase or ask questions.
  • 24/7 emergency help – Access to toll-free 24/7. We will even provide access to translation services or help finding a hospital where they speak your language.

Let the hassle-free travel coverage begin!

  • You’re covered for as many trips as you like of up to 17 or 35 days each.
  • New plans typically take less than 10 minutes to set up.