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All members are encouraged to visit for the facts – not the rhetoric – on the threat to the strength of the CPP taking place in Alberta.

Much has been publicized in the media about the proposed Alberta Pension Plan. The Alberta Government has claimed that Alberta is entitled to 53% of all CPP assets to be transferred into an start-up plan in Alberta (for 17% of Canadians!). Such an outcome would destabilize the CPP for all Canadians.

Good news: Polls in Alberta show a majority of residents there opposed to leaving the CPP. Therefore the government has not scheduled a referendum. Yet.

The main reasons include the guarantee of the promised benefits upon retirement, with payments induced to CPI, and sound for generations to come.

The Investment Managers at the CPP Investment Board have an outstanding record of an average 9.6% annual return for the past 10 years. This is mainly achieved through wise selection of a diversified asset allocations. Not many pension funds have reached this level of performance.

Also: there is a draft letter to members to direct attention to the website. Please ensure that this reaches your members, especially in Alberta.

The best – and most current information – is to be found at Visit today and learn the facts about our CPP. You can also get in touch with us for more information.

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